Better Directions Seniors Program

North Side Community Federal Credit Union is proud to offer affordable financial options for older adults (income restrictions apply). This program is a partnership effort with the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions.

Mather Lifeways

Mather LifewaysMather Lifeways is a non-profit organization that serves older adults throughout the Chicagoland area. Some of their services include Medicare counseling, mobile learning ,lifelong learning programs, computer classes, an older adult café, and Telephone Topics for homebound seniors. Because North Side Community Federal Credit Union also works to provide affordable financial services to older adults, a partnership between the organizations was a natural fit. Kate Paz, Director of the Without Walls program appreciates the partnership because “North Side brings services to the table that Mather doesn’t offer, and the credit union is addressing a specific population that is often underserved.”

Mather Lifeways recently launched a website to help older adults stay connected to their community. is a virtual community that offers older adults opportunities, resources, and experiences to stay connected to their neighborhood and the people in it. is a part of Mather LifeWays, a unique, non-denominational, not-for-profit organization that has served older adults for 70 years. Dedicated to developing and implementing Ways to Age WellSM, we create programs, places, and residences for today’s young-at-heart older adults. Click to connect to