William Grayson


The story of Good2gro began in the 1970s, when William Grayson, the owner was still young. He followed his mother down the path of entrepreneurship. His mom had a background in chemistry, and decided to start creating natural hair products when her own hair started falling out. She developed a small word of mouth business and William started selling product when he was sixteen. Life eventually took him in other directions, and when his mother passed away in 2005, he was working in the healthcare industry.

Still, people continued to request her hair product so he kept a vision for the business in the back of his mind. He even trademarked a product name. He was laid off, and as it turns out, a large cosmetic company started using his trademark. As a result, the company paid him cash compensation and he used the money to launch Good2gro.

In 2012, William started looking for funds for inventory and working capital. He turned to Women’s Business Development Center and received a referral to North Side Community Federal Credit Union. Tom Laures, the small business loan officer, looked over his business plan and helped him address weak parts of his application.  William stated, “Tom was great to work with. He helped me through every leg of the process from facilitation to bringing the loan to fruition.”  In 2012, North Side lent out $114,050.00 to six different small businesses.  North Side Community Federal Credit Union strives to support the continued success of all their small business members.