David Burton


David Burton has been a member of the credit union for quite some time, and has a wonderful story of how he has overcome many challenges in his life. However, due to unexpected life circumstances he found himself in financial trouble. He was aware he needed to get his situation in order and reached out to the credit union for delinquency counseling.

In early 2011, he had started working on his own to improve his 539 credit score. After attending a credit workshop presented by the credit union, David scheduled a session with Jennifer Pallas, North Side’s director of housing counseling. He wanted to know if there was something more he could be doing. Jennifer helped him understand his credit report and gave him the tools and knowledge necessary to improve his credit score. They worked together on a plan to address negative accounts and to get inaccurate information off his report. After six months, a few follow up sessions, and many dispute letters, David found out his score had climbed to a high of 650. He is now focused on maintaining his financial situation, with the major goal of being a homeowner in 2013.

David says of his experiences with North Side’s credit counseling services that: “I became motivated to do more because I could see the results. I learned the value of good credit and financial stability.” And at North Side, our goal is to provide value and financial stability to our community.