Board and Staff

Executive Board Members

  • Clifford Scott-Rudnick, Board Chair
  • Jim Masini, Treasurer
  • Derick Anderson, Vice Chair
  • Kate Gallagher, Secretary

Board Members

  • Stan Orszula
  • Kathy Anderson
  • Curt Roeschley
  • Amy Crawford
  • N. Paul Elue
  • Shumeca Pickett
  • Directors Emeritus:
  • Angela Turley
  • Roger Krause
  • Board Committee Members:
  • Ilise Goldberg, Supervisory Committee
  • Laurie Fuller, Supervisory Committee


Sarah Marshall, CEO
Sarah Marshall joined North Side Community FCU as Marketing and Partnerships Manager in January 2012. Previous experience that gives Sarah a holistic, member focused perspective to her role includes a volunteer year in the inner city with MissionYear, an internship in community organizing at Community Renewal Society, and eight years of experience in sales and marketing. Sarah has worked with both private and public sector clients, and prior to joining North Side, Sarah managed the school and non-profit outreach program at PCRR, a company dedicated to bridging the digital divide. She is also active in her community, and serves on the Associate Board for the Center for Economic Progress. Sarah has a B.S in Biblical Studies from Philadelphia Biblical University, and an MBA from North Park University with a concentration in community development.

Khalil Um’rani, Director of Lending
Khalil Um’rani joined North Side Community FCU as the Director of Lending in 2015. Prior to joining North Side Khalil was an investment banker with JPMorgan Chase, Barclays Capital and Sterne Agee & Leach where he advised Financial Institutions. Khalil is active in his community and serves on the Board of Directors of the Dearborn Realtist Board and the Associate Board of Link Unlimited Scholars. He is also a volunteer with The Center for Economic Progress and the Washington Park Chamber of Commerce. Khalil has a B.A. in International Studies from Morehouse College.

Maria Montoya, Loan Manager
Maria has been with North Side CFCU since 1996 and has assumed increasing responsibilities over the past decade. She began her employment as a teller and was promoted to collections/loan assistant, and later Loan Manager. She is responsible for processing daily transmissions of ATM, ACH, and Share Drafts, and maintaining and posting member loan payments from payroll deduction or direct deposit. She is in charge of processing all loan applications, monitors loan performance, and maintains records of delinquent accounts. Ms. Montoya is bi-lingual in Spanish and English and is the key point of contact for the New Americans Loan Program.

Lee Dewey, Accounting Specialist
Lee Dewey is our new Accounting Specialist. He brings two years of accounting experience from his time with a third-party hedge fund administration firm, and is excited to now employ his abilities in service of an organization that supports local and under-served communities. He is also an active member in his own community, leading a biweekly community support group for trans*masculine identified persons and participating in many events in support of the queer communities. He received his BS in Economics and International Business from Loyola University Chicago in 2007.

Cesar Escovar, Director of Financial Services
Cesar joined the organization in February 2013. He previously worked for the Resurrection Project, and brings extensive experience in housing counseling. He is certified in Housing Counseling, Foreclosure Counseling, and Financial Counseling. Cesar graduated from Indiana University with a BA in political science and minors in both Western European Politics and Spanish. He was also Director for Multi-Cultural and Community Outreach for Track Ahead LLC.

Tomas Lopez-Betanzos, Financial Services Counselor

Tomas comes to North Side Community FCU as a Financial Counselor with years of consultative experience. Previously, heworked as a restaurant business development consultant at Groupon relying on years of experience in the food & drink industry. Before that he provided Medicaid enrollment solutions during the Affordable Care Act expansion. And before that, in 2013, he worked in Foreclosure Prevention with Lakeside Community Development Corporation in Chicago. Tomas considers it a privilege to reengage his skills in the rewarding field of housing counseling.